Sunday, September 19, 2004


My bday is on 19 sept ..just another day in others people life but not mine .....every bday i feel what i have done special from last year to feel important but a clean slate stares right back at me I end up having mixed bag of feelings on my bday bcos i grow one year older (note : i dont want to grow old lol) and so i am confusedto learn that everybody celebrtaes their bday with pompous parties etc etc.... infact only thing testimonial is that they are growin older ...

once i made a faux pas i said shakespeare was the writer who was born on his bday (who isnt !!) and died on the same day !! people around me burst into laughter :) ..for once i was funny without any intent ...

this year i turn 24 ... and no i am not waiting for my next bday which ll make me only older :(


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