Thursday, May 05, 2005

Indian spirituality

Beatles have come and seeked Nirvana here, George Harrison asked specifically his ashes to be immersed in Ganges, Ford junior is a believer in Krishna......

These are the few snippets of the who's who turning east no disrespect for others :)

Every year millions of place escape this worldy or materialistic world (Maya) to connect to the higher self.....the people feels so ahead in life that they realise they need to slow down and hence the quest for tranquility and meaningful existence takes the centrestage ....

One of the prime and pristine place these truth seekers end up on the most journey of life is India....they are totally fascinated about Indian gods and their reincarnation ....

Life becomes divine and fulfilling after this experience by observing and practising some of the teachings in ones life ....

Mahavira propagator of jainsim said "we must have RIGHT FAITH , we must believe in truth.
we must have the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, we must study to understand what life is all about.
we must follow RIGHT CONDUCT, the conduct which our faith and knowledge show us to be correct. "
and above all greed of anything is destroyer of ones peace of mind....


Blogger 357martini said...

SEMANTICS: the study of meanings....your correcting a mediative sound ....a sound!

The sound of OHM is one of the ancient primordial sounds in the universe. OHM is rooting, centering, grounding and meditative.


Aum is a way of deepening the concentration of the mind, which leads to realization of the divine. The mantra aum may be sounded aloud, whispered, or repeated mentally.


Just Say Om
Scientists study it. Doctors recommend it. Millions of people—many of whom don’t even own crystals—practice it every day. Why? Because meditation works


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