Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Why did name my blog as ALPHA ROMEO??

I am a ardent fan of Fiat subsidiary of the same name which makes stylish cars remaining true to to its parent and others offshoots as Maserati and Ferrari ...this is a french in grown company .....France Car companies these days are coming out with great cars inorder to compete with the ever evolutionary tech giants Germans , Cheap invasion of Asian car makers and last but not the least irresisitible American Makers so far one must say France has done well and not allowed such relentless competition to make a dent it their pie.

One more reason that as to why I stuck with this name as this is kinda romantic isnt it !!!


Blogger rohit parthasarathy said...

cool alfa romeo it is i think not alpha but jus chk it out.
im a fan of almost everything italian!!!!!!!!!

11:48 PM  

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