Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lovelife DOA

Lovelife the very name these days stifles me and sends chills to my bone, i try to duck these queries every time....

Each time I hook up with buddies they ask me "Are you seeing someone or hows Lovelife" , to which my neverending muteness says it all.... i scurry for cover to avoid further embarassment jusk like Bill clinton must have faced when he was asked about Monica !

i did try to change my status to from single and ready to mingle to committed but alas no success at all...I looked for love everywhere but hell no luck yet ...This doesnt mean I am not romantic

Virtual gurlfriends are good but what the heck she turns to be from another continent and of male gender(well it happens all the time) or an alien(Plausible!!).....

I think this is probably my job has done this to me, I am so engrossed in my work I hardly look for girls nowdays .......workplace are never known to provide LOVE or that matter girls :)..

Well the quest is on.....


Blogger darthcoder said...

lol....sid dude..the only thing u do all day is just keep changing passwords of the user...and u show as if ur soooo busy at :D

1:04 AM  

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