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Death : A Beginning or End !!

I know it sounds it too creepy to talk about ones death but why not there is so much blood and gore around it can be any one us who can be dead at any time ...death doesnt come with a warning ....savant says our birth and death dates are decided well before we arrive on this planet ....Also LORD has managed to do a striking balance between death and life so well and kept the life cycle functioning seamlessly like lexus engine (i am bad at metaphors pardon!).....

well the agenda for this blog is after death what happnes?? There has been none who rose from dead and aftermath told us (do we really get to see GOD ) ...It is according to me the biggest mystery of life oh ok after women :))....

what I really want to know is are we able to think like we do now or we just cease to exist mentallt after we die (No wonder some ppl wants to be immortal).....What it feels to be dead no no i dont want to be dead but cant help thinking about and no ..i dont have any suicidal tendencies too I just wanted to know whether we end up goin to another dimension which is highly possible in another form ......

Well it remains to be seen if I have net connection available in afterlife if i do then i ll def keep you posted online community rest assured !!!!!!!


Blogger AlesS said...

I've read a lot about life, death, and such. Let me make a short summary of the picture I've got about it.
Every person consists of a physical, mental, emotional and spirit body. You might say they are the ingredients that make up a human. Spirit normally communicates to you (mental + physical body) through emotions. Spirit is the component that is eternal, it never dies. It is a non-judgemental entity that nudges you to take certain paths through your life, but it is up to you to decide. As you die, the physical body is lost, but others are preserved. Depending on the development level of the spirit (a.k.a. soul) you may be reborn, get another body. But there is a knack: in order for you to make "fresh" decisions in the new body (life) that are not hindered by experiences, traumas, etc. of the previous life (or lives), a mental block is placed upon you. Thus you cannot recall anything from the previous life, but the spirit has unlimited access to it. Some can recall past lives via hypnosis, though.
The breaking of the reincarnation cycle is also called ascension. It should occur at the death in an incarnation during which you managed to come apiece with everything, you have absolutely no regrets, worries, pains, etc., you regard everything with a loving kindness, and you're not attached to the material world (or plane [of existence]) anymore. In such a body-less state there are also different levels of existence. I don't have much information about it, but there are assumptions that there is a greater cycle, during which you shed of the mental and emotional bodies and become an entity in a pure spirit form, after which you restart on the material plane.
The purpose of it all should be to experience everything that is there to experience. There are also theories that every soul (or spirit) is a facet of a greater entity, the creator, or God, through which he/she/it experiences the reality (realities).
If you want detailed (and quite technical) descriptions, then you may want to read a Seth book or two by Jane Roberts. I read one (I forgot which one) and it was full of descriptions of alternate realities and dimensions and what not. Too much for me. ;)
There is also a lot of material online; you might want to start with the Deep Spring Center.
And yes, practically all the material on this topic is channeled. You don't expect a mere mortal to know anything about this, or do you? ;) So you're left with a choice: either enjoy the bliss of ignorance not trusting any of this alternative hogwash, or build yourself a consistent image of what might be the truth by reading through the accessible material with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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Blogger Davin said...

Great, I see Aless has opened Pandora's Box here. Who goes out and looks for blood and guts? HUH? Yarg!

5:42 AM  
Blogger AlesS said...

Pandora's box, indeed. To tell you the truth, I'd have been better off not reading anything about this. Life just isn't as interesting anymore if [you think] you know the bigger picture. It's harder to forget than to ignore. At least there's the element of doubt so I cannot be 100% sure of anything.
Experiment! Write your own How to Live Manual. ;)
Death is inevitable, but as long as you're not dead it's a mistake to explore it. You're alive, so explore life! People that worry about the future ignore the present.

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Blogger sidcruise said...

rightly said ALESS ..ignorance is think abt Death is not my mug of beer :) ...We are just mortals enjoy the present ...

A good plan today is better than great plan tomorrow

6:54 AM  

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