Friday, January 07, 2005

Mutants (X men 3 ??)

I love X- men series about the mutants....probably in future we might get to see these mutants due to drasctic climatic changes resulting in species to adapt if they dont well extinction will take place.. Charles Darwin correctly pointed it is not the fittest or strongest that will survive it will be those ready to change ...rightly said sir...what happened to dinosour truly justifies the above statement .....

Wolverine happens to be my fav mutant he is a cut above than rest of the mutants .....his power to heal its own wounds gives him that much needed edge over others .....

I dont know whether movie series of X men will be revived as currently the director bryan singer associated with it has moved on to direct the Superman !!...still i ll be waiting for X men if there was one as so many mutants to be shown on screen .....also to add both X men movies were a good draw as BO so makes sense to make many more !!


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