Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Spiritual Awakening

Everyone goes thru a time when he starts thinking abt his life ,death or purpose on earth ..why is here ..the questions like these keep haunting me day after day can happen to anyone for some such enlightment comes early for others later in their life ....this excruciating time results due to ones long time suffering or ones personal loss when the individual finds himself closer to GOD...i went thru this too ...And what i have learnt from these times is that good and bad times are part and parcel of ones life noone can escape it (even Jesus had to face testing times during his stay ) so one has to ride the tide....

a diamod is just another stone which did better in pressure !!

Keep the faith !!!


Blogger rohit parthasarathy said...

ur last line is a cracker dude.

ive also gone thru that shit...losing someone..:-(

11:50 PM  
Blogger sidcruise said...

ty dude ..

1:13 AM  

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