Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Airbus 380 : bigger the better ??

On jan 19 an epochal moment took place a superjumbo plane with 555 seating capacity was unveiled to the world , the product of Airbus a EADS unit which is a confluence of 4 countries coming togather to challenge Americas very own Boeing . Lengths have been written about the subsidies being given to Airbus to carry out its R & D shift focus to superjumbo plane many analysts say as world gets populated the need of bigger plane will automatically arise , this decade there has been manifold increase in the air traffic .....but seating togather 850 ppl is not a joke !! the airports world around should be well equipped to get the security checks on time , then the baggage issue also lingers imagine to wait for your bag with 850 passengers can be aggravating ....
there is a talk to get the food trolleys scrapped as to allow passenger to risk his life at the food counters !!! in a way it can give ppl a truly out of world experience and also make their flight more luxurious ...i am not sure whether this is done being done at this particular plane

Airbus expects to sell most of his A 380 to asian countries and they are optimistic about breaking even at the earliest ....


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