Friday, June 17, 2005

Acquitted of all charges M.J.

Yeah thats what the headlines screamed all over the tabloids along with the Television channels, all love a good controversy dont we? We see every celebrity or whos who, and if he has no blackspots or blemishes on his resume we wonder whats wrong with him/her ?? We love to see the downfall :) ......

Back to MJ, if someone would ask me whether he was guilty I wont be able to pass any verdict as MJ never invited me to his neverland and for that matter I never shared a bed with him, anyways Jurors verdict mattered the most and gave a much needed respite to him. This is the gem from late night, MJ was found not guilty, but his plastic surgeons were found guilty on all counts. Last heard even Saddam wants to try his case at Santa Maria!!!.

Many pundits have already predicted that MJ wont be able to reach his King of Pop status ever again, will he continue singing also remains a doubt. But i feel he should come with his guns blazing and do what he does best i mean to cut albums and thrill us all.

Its over to you MJ.


Blogger kulat said...

Hey man...thanks for stopping by at my blog. I guess if you've read most of what I've written, I was never a big fan of MJ. Not to say that I couldn't care less, but I guess justice is already served, and that's the main issue. Later...

2:04 AM  
Blogger Weary Hag said...

Looks like we're on the same page where MJ is concerned. I wasn't at the ranch, I wasn't in the courtroom, I wasn't on the jury. The man had a whole lot to lose and the people he chooses to hang with are incredibly needy. That alone speaks volumes to me. I just hope he stays clear of entertaining young boys and gets back into the business he was born to be in.

2:42 PM  

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