Thursday, September 14, 2006

Microsoft New Toy Zune

Microsoft has always have a knack of diving into the business which is profitable and which has Steve Jobs attached to it, it only makes Microsoft sit up and take notice. IPOD in recent times have become a fashion accessory for the music addicts.
There is a clear divide with the people flashing IPOD and IPODS have-nots.

Realising that enough moolah can be made in this devide, Microsoft announced that its going to launch Zune, its portable music player positioned against IPOD in year end 2006. Zune, which is to be manufactured by the Japanese giant Toshibha has some very exciting features to boot with, albeit it still looks like IPOD, no surprises there for guessing. The difference it will have a bigger screen and users will be able to exchange music files between each other maybe just like bluetooth connectivity.

The Music files can be played out for three days or three times and after that it has to be downloaded from Zune Marketplace in definate competition to ITunes site.
Time will tell how this Music player fares...


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