Monday, August 17, 2009

Kaminey, District 9 etc

This week showcased one of the most awaited movie of the year in bollywood called
'Kaminey', a gansta flick and Hollywood had to offer 'District 9', an oft repeated Alien saga.

Kaminey managed to get favorable reviews even from the harshest and hard nosed critics. Nothing can be further from the truth as this reviews indicate.
This movies fails on multiple counts and fails to keep audiences interest intact
I myself felt jittery and wanted to walk out even before the movie came to close.
Though movie has commendable performances by the lead actors and a pulsating music
to boot with, But the storyline left much to be desired. There is no suspense and sluggishness reigns supreme in the movie. OF all the reviews I have gathered, minimum 4 Stars out of 5 were awarded to the movie by each critc. 1 1/2 stars were given by 4 of us, 1/2 amounting to each to one of us, Who were a sorry lot after seeing the movie. One chap refrained from labelling this piece of junk with even half a star.

District 9 had the same old surmise, Aliens and Science Fiction, But although the genre is oft beaten to death but with the help of new ideas and story this movie captures your mind and you end up asking for more, There might be a District 10.
This movie a brainchild of Neil, a debutant director is a must see because of his
storyline and visual effects, where you dont end up screaming Stop this CGI, These are used to the optimal effect.


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