Thursday, September 28, 2006

Anousheh Ansari First woman space tourist!

Anousheh, the girl from Iran who never knew English language when her parents emigrated to USA, has done not only her country but the whole world proud for becoming the first space woman tourist. The details of how much this exhilarating experience costed her is still under wraps, but going by the price given by the first space tourist it should be easily in the range of 15 to 20 million dollars !...

Enormous price tag but for Anousheh, a genius born into a family of enterprenurs who has managed to stun the world with her maiden space flight, is more or less like a disposal penny (Though its a penny well spent!). She has definately inspired legions of female followers and broke all the cultural taboos. It is through her sheer hard work, focus and concentration, even I firmly believe everything is achievable no matter what may come only thing is required is your tenacity to hold on even when the odds are against you!

She heads a company by name , although along with her father and brother,
Prodea Systems, this is not all that the multi talented Ansari family does, they are the main sponsors of the X prize now known as the Ansari X prize, which rewards the innovation in space, new drugs etc a hefty sum of 10 million dollars, the price is unique as it awards not to the research but to the finished product.

Anousheh has also become the first space blogger, posting everyday and quite regularly with her going around in space station(What else she can do up there, she is not a astronaut you know) and it does make a interesting read with her vivid description of the day to day activities, also how they recycle the sweat of each astronaut suit and ultimately drink it eeeeeeeeks! Well this is life you pay a million dollars to drink the sweat of your colleague! Jokes apart, but there is another life up there, read the blog it is very captivating and thought provoking
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