Thursday, December 28, 2006

Is the World Still Beautiful?

Take That ,the boyish band and successful bands to emerge from UK, has come alive from the dead to revive their careers after lying on the deathbed. Though they didnt idle away their time by watching the grass grow, All Five of them tried hands at solo careers, and only Robbie Williams survived. Now, Take That minus the enfant terrible Robbie, are back after a long hiatus. They look old, washed up as if they were away from land for a considerable amount of time, Well aging effects everyone hard to believe even the celebrities for whom senescence is a disease and eeeeeeeks it cant happen to them after all they are demi gods, thanks to Botox.

Now when they decided to disband, definately the world was beautiful they had huge fan following, million dollar record deals and not to forget they were younger too. Now things have changed, they have become old and weary in search of phoenix like resurrection, Will the world be beautiful again for these 4 fellas? Maybe and maybe not, but judging by the reception their latest album has received things definately isnt looking anthing but beautiful ;). The album is NO 1 currently on UK charts and the first single is aptly named Patience, both for the fans and above all the remaining quartet of once famous Take that! Will Gary Barlow able to drum out the lyrics in flat 15 minutes for their famous song Back for good, again ? Probably yes, Who knows :)


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