Monday, December 04, 2006

Easy way out !

It has come to my notice that my blog has been going down the drain in past months, regretably and shamelessly I gotta inform that the slide continues. It has been a busy few months and hardly found time to update my blog with my valuable thoughts ;) so easy way out was to write either about entertainment or movies.

I have been in and out of my home from last few months, shuttling between Delhi and Bengalooru, before my previous visit it was still referred as Good old Bangalore, Now the ethnic consious people have decided that its time to bring back the Old Name to the place which has caught world attention, Land of Boiled beans is what is Bengalooru is!

This time I was put up in a Hotel far away from the City just to make sure that We dont waste time commuting, albeit I cribbed Why I am not put in the maddening City?, The reply from the Management was its time we started to cut costs . But In a way this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we not only had our office at a stones throw but also didnt have to lose time travelling. Many associates of ours had descended from all over the world to attend the SAP TECHED, an annual event showcasing the best in the innovation in coding. I made sure that I stayed miles away from this event.


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