Friday, April 20, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre

At the outset to be very honest I am not at all surprised at yet another tragedy which culminated in the death of innocent 32 people whom the murderer probably never got to know. This might come across as a very insensitive thing to say but America
doesnt seem to learn its lessons from its mistakes, these are only bound to happen again and again. Contrary to the news which shows Cho, a troubled teenager and a loner, was drastically influenced by South Korean movie Old Boy should be taken with a shock! Consider this given the movie was violent but did they use automatic weapons to kill anyone? The weapon of choice was more medieval in the movie ie a Hammer! With a hammer you can only injure not mass murder and movie is a revenge saga, Cho didnt even knew people as he was firing randomly apart from his girlfriends.
The real and only culprit here is the easy accessebility of guns in USA which is clearly shown by Michael Moore in his award winning documentary Bowling for Columbine, which itself is based on Columbide school tragedy, The teenagers can buy guns of the shelves as if they are shopping for candies.

For the tragedies like this to cease American Gun culture or its appetite for it has to stop. Death toll is only increasing with every massacre, its not a game you know...

lets hope this madness stops....Rest in Peace!


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