Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve Dilemma in USA

You ll be tempted to ask why you are in a fix in a US of A as what to do on this damn important today. Everyone has a place to go and do something on the ultimate day of the year before ushering in the New year 2010, All will regurgitate their elaborate plans and explain how meticolously it was planned. Well, Even I had a rocking plan ie to see the Balls drop in New york city at Times Square and then party off at some local club like Webster Hall,Guastavino's or Pacha etc. But to my dismay the weather gods seems not so kind as rain and snow are forecasted for 31 Decemeber as if this was least of my problems imagine the maddening and cutting across it to get to the elusive Times Square at that fixed time 11:59 when the waterford crystal makes it descent. Now other option I have is to go to Philadelphia downtown which is of course pretty good but pales in comparison to New York City.
Also during this time as you have experienced Nightclubs tickets get overpriced and funny thing is people are willing to shell out. Well who can blame them it comes once in a while with new hopes and aspirations sprining from the arrival of New year


Blogger Weary Hag said...

Well my friend it has surely been a long, long time but I was so pleased to receive your lovely comment at my blog. It's hard to know who is even around anymore after such a long while ... nice to see you! And in the USA of all places!
You are about five hours away from me if you're near to Philadelphia.

I hope you are well and happy and are enjoying life here ...

I went to see the ball drop in NYC one time. I am a native New Yorker as you know, and I can promise you this; it is a horror to get out of that area when it is all finished. People push and shove and get sick on each other and steal wallets and purses and do things they don't show on TV.

Yes. It was fun and yes, I am glad to say that I did attend once... but from then on, I watch it on TV in the warmth and safety of my home.

Stay well, Carol

7:32 AM  

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