Friday, February 04, 2005

Auschwitz Vs Darfur

Auschwitz survivors celebrated their escape from the place of no return recently, their teary eyes spoke a thousand words about the heinous crime ever committed to Humans during that dark period which people doesnt want to be reminded of. In hindsight many argue that world did nothing to avert this inhumane crisis , nobody stood up a consequence millions were brutally murdered......past always teaches a lesson or two to help us in present but unfortunately nothing has been gained from the past if we divert our mind to Darfur, Sudan where people have been killed in millions .....infact Africa have been plagued by multiple calamities namely ethnic cleansing, famine, Aids, Racism and others....

Immediate help is required to get these places out of these situations before its too late so many people have died whose lives could have been saved if UN kept more vigil on these issues..its better to be safe then sorry ....I wish many countries pay attention to Africa and help to get Africa back on its feet.....


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