Thursday, July 14, 2005

Greed is good?

Michael Douglas proudly declared "Greed is good" in Wall Street, the movie clearly displaying how the Power Corrupts and won an Oscar for his performance. But the America's Big Companies Honchos probably missed the bigger picture and took the literal meaning. The companies which they built painstakingly were bankrupted due to their prodigal and wasteful ways, Ebbers, a milkman to boot with, made Worldcom one of the biggest Telecom companies. He was the one who refused to have free coffee machines in Offices to cut costs while his personal wealth swelled. He was able to enjoy every possible luxury so as the Tyco cheif with disrespect for other wealth, like the employees who toiled hard got nothing in return for their blood and sweat.

This amassing of wealth lead to their downfall and also the company when personal interests reign over Company interests what one can expect. So slapping a 25 year prison term does showcase harsh message and lesson that America needs to teach its future spendthrifts.

So in the longer run Greed is good? ask Ebbers who will be spending 20 years in a cell after 20 years of luxury life which cant be fathomed by the ordinary man. Also, Greed is after all one of the seven sins.


Blogger Steve said...

I don't subscribe to the notion that Greed is good. I heard that Ebbers cried when he heard his verdict, yet I felt no real sympathy for him. Too many people lost jobs, retirement accounts, and livelihood as a result of this.

Greed is one of the original seven deadly sins, and it's the only one to make Britain's proposed new list of seven deadly sins, including cruelty, adultery, selfishness, dishonesty, bigotry, and hypocrisy.

Nice post, btw.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Weary Hag said...

Seconding Steve's final words ... very nice post.
And I might add to that "Amen."

2:49 PM  
Blogger mlwhitt said...

The new saying would be "Greed is good, just don't get caught partaking of it".

11:07 PM  
Blogger TRES CEE said...

There is a lot of misconception of the use of now, for the following of ones' desire, and it is critisized as being of the Now Generation, as if Now is bad,

Why is Now Bad, well, if there is a genuine reason for being bad if desire is accomplished now, who says now is bad,

a Good way to determine if Now is bad, would it do harm to yoiur future, yoiur prospects for success in some endeavor desired and planned for now but to be finished or accomplished later.

Sometimes, it is described as lust or Greed.

Lust is not necessarily Bad, but Lust can be greed and/or Disobedience to Parents who have your or their CHild's Best Interests in MInd, or Future Hopes for the Child.

If the Child has or will kick off the Parents Best Advice and Go their Will.

They may have children at a young age out of wedlock,

This is difficult to resist, and the Girls are really Obeying Commandment of God.

They could be more Righteous then Mother or Father in Today's World.

If they marry unwisely, make foolish financial decisions, concerning Jobs or School, then, they may be critisized for this.

But they should be forgiven, assisted in Correct problems if willingt to recieve it.

11:23 AM  

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