Sunday, July 03, 2005

V for Vendatta

Picture this, what if the world war was won by Hitler and imagine the world today. I know it would be horrific to recount the story and imagine it now. But thats where the role of novels and movies become so important they take us to different realms which are hard to fathom by the ordinary minds, they keep challenging our thinking and limitations of our imagination. One such attempt is done to make a graphic novel ,about Hitler winning the World war and taking seige, to the motion picture v for vendetta, the director served as a assitant director for Matrix and seemed to have acumen of Warchowski bros. So we can expect some great cinematic adventure. The cast announced contains Hugo weaving playing the lead as the revolutionary, adorning a mask, who leads the war against the Nazi world and takes Natalie portman as her accomplice

Movie comes out on Nov 5th,2005, 0n the so called bonfire day.


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Looking forward to the movie....
So this is what you do at work?? ;):P


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