Thursday, July 28, 2005

Kurt's Cobain "Last Days"

What is with the number'27', it devoured the arguably the best musicians of our times Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and finally Kurt Cobain. Posthumously these musicians have reached cult status and have ardent fans asking for more about them. Every bit of information about them is always welcome.

Kurt Cobain, the purveyor of the Grunge Rock, frontman and Vocalist of the band Nirvana along with Dave Grohl made music like never before. Their band got recognition and reached astronomical heights , it seemed they had everything going in for them, so what just triggered Kurt to take his own life and splatter his brain all over the window? This is what Gus van tries to unravel in his Movie which is loosely based on the last days of Kurt.

Kurt as a person seemed withdrawn, reticent quite inscrutable and not to mention appealing to talk to infact every person who has less words to say looks rather more interesting and intelligent. His untimely death posed more questions than answers, and answers are not easy to come by. Is the out of bounds Success made Kurt look more a troubled and lonesome man? As the movie describes him rightly "A fugitive from his own life", never ceases to amaze his fans and also Gus Van, who with his mastery visionary and coupled with his usual signature style seen earlier in his works Gerry, Good will Hunting and Elephant has come up with slow and gripping movie. HE doesn't have special regard for sensationalism and keeps it austere,each frame gives out a message. Each Character is carefully carved out. He lets them grow on you and asking for more. Michael Pitt as the troubled and lonesome musician pitches in a haunting and moving portrayal.


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Janis was one of my musical heros when I was a teen. She was also one of the most misjudged individuals in the business. I read a few recently written articles which touted her as having been a near genius level, intellectually. She also wreaked of soul and she worked the blues like no other at that time.
I also enjoyed Cobain (some but not all) and Hendrix.
Good post topic!

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