Thursday, March 31, 2005

Shyamalan Vs Hitchcock

Manoj night Shyamalan night has been goin the way of legendary Hitchcock Hitchcock Many might scoff at this comparison but comparison has been inevitable, both the directors have a propensity for suspense, shoe string budget ..but only the stark difference between two has been that Manoj writes his own movies...

though Mnaoj has not been able to live up to his expectations of his breakthrough and money spinning Sixth sense...

Its a another story will Manoj will be able to live up to the legendary artist of mystery ..well it will remain a mystery for some time....

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Software Industry

Here is my experience says in this ever burgeoning Software Industry....(Who cares for my opininon anyways)

Work in a small startup company !
Be a Big fish in a small pond then a small fish in Ocean !
Why small company ? Cos it gives more oppurtunity to grow technically wise, one becomes more responsible
One works harder (So that he can shift later) unlike a guy who is in big company and becomes lazy !!
Pay package matters than the office building