Saturday, May 03, 2008


This is considered the Baap of Manoranjan, ie Father of entertainment and truly so,
Inaugural IPL, Indian Premier League, has captivated the minds of youngistan and others with its TRP ratings hitting way above the roof, these are happier times for BCCI, atlast something the governing body got it right.

The close finishes of every single match, with so many twists and turns have given a run for money to all the sundry melodramatic tele serials read Saas bahu which in order to pull up the plunging viewership, makes a jump in the series by 20 years, Time travel we thought was only realm of the science fiction series, No idea what next these tele series will do after the IPL matches onslaught, another jump is on the cards? Another streaking of hair? Time will tell..
Also best thing for the cric buff is the availablity of these matches online, Which can be seen at the site
You can catch the match at any time..

Currently Delhi Daredevils are looking in good nick, with both Sehwag and Gambhir, toying with the oppositions bowling, But it would be too early to pick a favorite right on, cause there is lot of cricket to be played and as they say it aint over till its over! A 40 day choc a bloc of matches played around different parts of the country offers a good chance for the fans to catch it live, you can fairly secure the tickets at the click of button on
I was one of the fortunate one to see the inaugural IPL match in Bangalore in all its pomp and splendor, with various artists flown in to showcase their acrobatics, It was worth the trip.