Monday, July 31, 2006

Joke for the day ;)

A crusty old man walks into a bank and says to the woman at the window, and says "I want to open a damn checking account." The astonished woman replies, "I beg your pardon, sir. I must have misunderstood you. What did you say?"

"Listen up, damn it. I said I want to open a damn checking account

Teller: "I'm very sorry sir, but that kind of language is not tolerated in this

The teller leaves the window and goes over to the bank manager to inform him of her situation. The manager agrees that the teller does not have to

listen to that foul language.

They both return to the window and the manager asks the old geezer, "Sir, what seems to be the problem here?"

"There is no damn problem," the man says. "I just won $200 million bucks in the damn lottery and I want to put my damn money in this damn bank."

"I see," says the manager, "and is this bitch giving you a hard time?"

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spiderman 3

Superheroes movies have become the staple diet of the audiences and also the big studios. Everyone wants to revive the long forgotten superhero,who is consigned to been schlock and underlying fact remains mint bucketloads of money.

The trendsetter was in this arena came from Sam raimi(Evil Dead series!) who directed both the Spiderman movies and he is busy reading his third mega installment. He was able to portray the right emotion coupled with some of the best special effects, his movies were not LOST in the web of the special effects, CGI did its job as a add on and I feel it should remain at that level.

The angst ridden superhero has been the prime focus of every director and how one superhero deals with his powers as "With greater power comes greater responsibilty" we have heard that a zillion times !

All said and done, I am looking forward to the next instalment of the Spiderman series, the third one. The rumors are that this is one of the most expensive movies made, at 300$ Million bucks, its way too lavish.

This time we have great characters, Venom the arch nemesis of our frienldy superhero Spiderman, finally gets his chance to lay hands on spidey.
Eddie Brock (Topher Grace) will be the human form which undergoes transformation with the symbiote.

I am not sure whether the movie will recount the whole story of how Eddie Brock gets angered by the spiderman actions and becomes his enemy, we have to wait and watch.
It will be exciting to watch Topher Grace shed his clean image and become a full fledged bad guy. Also seen in the movie would be wine sipping Thomas hayden Church, as Sandman and Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen stacy, girlfriend of Spidy. So chanches are ripe that this movie may finish off James Franco as the best friend of spiderman.
James Franco also appears as Green goblin because the second movie shows him infront of the chamber housing the costume of Goblin and also the trailor has a little glimpse of it.

If you havent seen the trailor heres the link.

Spiderman 3

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Retail Intoxication

The past few months have literally been draining for the whole family, the reason being we finally took a head on plunge into the Retailing arena of garments. Every business move is nothing short of entering a Lions cage emptyhanded and wearing a brace of luck on your shoulders.

Our family business is exporting surplus garments so there was always a possibility that we get into retail business but that never materialized until two months ago, as one of dad's friend suggested him into taking a dive by setting up a shop of branded clothes.
Easier said than done, well at that moment of time everything looked so easy and clear, but when you have to implement it takes some guts of steel and definitely lots of dough to do it. We opened our showroom finally in Gurgaon and if the initial response has been anything but encouraging.

Well we kept our showroom name as Brande : Fashion Intoxication as we are going to house all the major brands. To get ideas about how the clothes should be displayed I visited many retail showrooms and always made a dash to Girls section ! I always felt that the girls section is more artistically displayed and also girls take more time to decide which dress to buy and also seemed to be particular about the pricing.

The few things I saw happening in our showroom was people tend to ask for discounts even though the clothes are competitively priced!..In that scenario we always had to give some discount to the customer so that they keep thronging our place ;).
After all Customer is KING.