Sunday, November 04, 2007

Diwali In OFFICE

Diwali, What a momentous occasion, the grandest festival of India brings immense joy, millions emotions stirring up in our mind, with just a mere thought of it.
The feelings of well being and benevolence for everyone are stirred up in the people without any provocation.

Deepavali, the literal meaning of which in Sanskrit is 'a row of lamps.'

Diwali came well in earnest this year to our office, The SAP Management team
Dedicated three days exclusively for the Diwali celebrations, in the process
Hoping to inculcate the sense of team spirit among the employees in length
And breadth of the company with various groups coming together, interacting, competing
For the coveted trophies.

The AGS team began their groundwork for the celebration and
Competition right in time, The competition began with the
Antakshari, where we came Second and then we had the next day
One minute Games, Where AGS managed to pick up two prizes for eating maximum
Chilies and To Blow Most Balloon in One minute, yes it did leave half the team breathless
And participants scurrying for water, it was one commendable effort,.

Now then the next big event was Rangoli where the Girls shown their true colors
Ie in rangoli, The design was elegant and vibrant, which immediately won the
Hearts of the judges, needless to add AGS were crowned champions.

While doing this as a team, so many hidden talents came to fore, we made
Good interaction with other teams, collaborated, exchanged good and not so good ideas and learnt more about others. Surely Team spirit was trickling in, people came to know
Each other much better, Many young guns who are starting their career in a such
Big organization started to feel at home and infact mentoring their own
Mentors in more than one occasion.

Next in line was the decoration of our Bay Area where we spent most of
Our times in office, excluding cafeteria. Each team Chose their Themes and
Accordingly decked up their workplaces, Since we had huge group
We had more than one theme, First of all explaining the importance
Of Diwali, its associated festivals, how it is celebrated by the young
elderly and the sundry, all beautifully represented pictorially and depicted
With the help of statues wherever necessary, Along with this one
We wanted to drive home the point of Pollution free Diwali,
A pristine Diwali without the usual maddening and deafening sound of crackers.
This lay as another theme as we wanted to show Festival
Of lights in its true colors. Well so many themes in so little time, well
We have our men working around the clock for this very reason. This is
AGS for you, Morning guys gave their ideas , Afternoon and Night shift colleagues
Executed this to a perfection.

The final day of celebration almost everyone came in their ethnic
Dresses and described how Diwali is celebrated in their part of
The country, Also We were addressed by the MD where he assured the
Diwali events are only going to get better and better with each passing
Year. Now then Our Bay area stood out and won the first prize. And
The management could finally had a sigh of contention as truly its not the
Team, but the team spirit and cooperation which won all over.

Have a Safe and Sound Diwali :)

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