Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tom Cruise DUMPED?

Paramount's head Redstone had enough of Tom Cruise The Star, antics and his never ending tantrums. Tom cruise in recent times after the high profile split from his
pretty wife Nicole Kidman, has been in too much public eye and has leapt from the couch on to our face. Yeah, granted the STAR is in love and is allowed to show his affection publicly but everything Tom has done or didn't do has only irked the media and alienated his much devoted and loyal fans. He even lambasted Brooke Shields!! He never stepped a right foot and all his movements are scrutinized.

But Paramount was nonetheless right in their decision because Tom as an actor doesn't charge anything upfront but takes a neat cut upto 20 percent from the Box office revenues of his movies resulting in a payday of hefty 40 million dollars approx. So a Movie Studio like Paramount had to take some desperate measures when the latest movie offering Tom Cruise ie Mission Impossible 3 didn't return as expected stellar numbers, although the movie raked in 395 Million dollars but half of it Paramount realized went to either making the movie or supporting Tom's extended family which includes some millions to Katie.

Here the culprit which backfired for Tom is his own superstardom, he has of late didn't deliver any flops, all his movies have been worldwide money spinners.
He is able to carry his movies on his own shoulders and his hefty payday has made him burden to the Studio for whom he has earned 2 billion dollars revenue! So it was time they severed the ties when his demands were becoming from reasonable to outrageous..

Will Tom cruise survive this, He should as he doesn't work only for Paramount he just used to produce movies and star in them. He made Last Samurai for Warner Bros and the movie was a hit. But his box office charm will have that sting it remains to be seen after all this said and done ...