Friday, October 28, 2005

Che Guevara

Growing up -- well I am still growing up I am already 6 feet tall, I was easily fascinated by the rebellious attitude and giving a "DAMN" about the so called worldly issues. Anything going on world was never my problem. So it was anything but natural that I started looking up to the people like "James Dean" onscreen and a real life rebel "Che". Che was perceived by me a iconoclast, a maverick and truly -yes believe me- a Style guru.

I espoused his mission of life, his ideals and never really deciphered what good did Che try to bring. Che was limited to me as a beret wearing Che, either emblazoned as a tattoo on skin or on a T shirt or life size poster signifying my disgust with the world.

It never really dawned on me what a profound being Ernesto "Che" Guevara was, an Argentine by birth, a doctor to boot who tried to overthrow the leaders who had their self interest to satisfy than other peoples interest and tried to free the oppressed.

Che not only joined forces with Fidel Castro to help him in his coup in Cuba also tried to fight for people's rights in Bolivia where he was eventually captured and was immoratalised in his death and also his last words which he spoke summed his mission for life which is not going to end with his life.

"Shoot! Coward, You are only going to kill a Man!"

P.S. Benicio Del Toro will star as Che in new movie by Steven Sodernbergh, should be out by 2007.