Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Blood Diamond

This year one of the hottest anticipated movie is Blood Diamond starring Leonardo Dicaprio ,who can be also seen in the new Martin Scorcesse movie supposedly based on Hong Kong blockbuster Internal Affairs, playing a red blooded smuggler.

This year Leonardo can and should be able to land a nomination for his roles and eventually go all the way to snatch the coveted statutte if no other other breakthrough performance just break through into the horizon ;).

Leonardo has become the staple diet of Martin movies this is his third collaboration
after Aviator and Gangs Of New York, he is turning out to be the new De Niro for Martin. He has matured into a fine actor and usually staying for away from the blockbuster kinda movies, he is more keen on meatier roles and characters which he can with elan and panache.

Ed Zwick, whose earlier credits include the likable movies like Legends Of the Fall and The Last Samurai, although still not up there with other directors well all it takes one moview and this one looks undoubtedly has generated his share of controversy and curiosirty. As they say there is no such thing as Bad Publicity so this movie should get more exposure once it approches release date..

More information here on the official site.
Blood Diamond