Wednesday, September 22, 2004


This is one of the best gangster movies I have seen after Locks,stocks and two smoking barrels and Godfather series Note : Godfather 3 was a low key affair for me :(

Snatch is brilliant with its characters their names ,their roles and modus operandi and definatley its storyline ...the movies never lets your attention to waver at any moment and demands your attention from the beginning .Guy ritchie remains true to his form(swept away !!) showing gangsters with sense of humor dont we love gangsters making silly mistakes ....

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Nimrod---about me ,myself and I

well I am unusual 24 year old who still doesnt know what to do done with ones life ..still languishing in darkness of obscurity..its not that I crave for some kind of fame or absolute riches falling on my idle laps its just that everyone hopes a litte bit of recognisition coming its way slowly and surely.

Inadvertently I didnt want to scare away the eventual readers at the outset with my morose beginning but this is what my heart had to offer.

Anyways I still find the purpose of us on this Mother Earth ! without sounding corny we all have heard that GOD has a plan for each one of us ...........well i am waiting for one :)


My bday is on 19 sept ..just another day in others people life but not mine .....every bday i feel what i have done special from last year to feel important but a clean slate stares right back at me I end up having mixed bag of feelings on my bday bcos i grow one year older (note : i dont want to grow old lol) and so i am confusedto learn that everybody celebrtaes their bday with pompous parties etc etc.... infact only thing testimonial is that they are growin older ...

once i made a faux pas i said shakespeare was the writer who was born on his bday (who isnt !!) and died on the same day !! people around me burst into laughter :) ..for once i was funny without any intent ...

this year i turn 24 ... and no i am not waiting for my next bday which ll make me only older :(