Friday, June 09, 2006

Brad and Angelina baby Shiloh pic

Finally Brad and Angelina baby Shiloh pics are here,
She has Angelina 's pout and Brads Nose. Its for you to decide :)

Hats off to the Bragelina duo for striking a astronomical deal for the
baby Shiloh pictures to be unleased exclusively by the Hello Magazine
to the world. Hello executives are leaving no stone unturned to prevent this pictures to be reproduced by anyone else, I got it legally though.

The reason I am happy with this celebrity duo that they are using this money not to buy Shiloh toys but to help other real needy people through charity. This is a welcome change from other celebrties who use the moolah made from their weddings etc to buy some chateau or some bling bling, but Brad and Angelina thougt otherwise, rightly so.

Bragelina with their wise decision can set a precedence of sorts for other celebrities to follow suit.