Thursday, February 25, 2010

A trip to Las Vegas

Since I set my foot on America, I knew where i had to go once i arrived apart from the usuals New York City, Los Angeles, and Grand Canyon, Las Vegas was top of the list. And when i got a chance to go, courtesy a generous friend, I was all saddled up to visit this modern day sin city gomorrah.
When the plane is about to reach Las vegas, You get to see aerial view of Grand canyon which is the most breathtaking view you ll ever see in your life.

Las Vegas soon arises in the midst of the sand dunes just like a oasis with its tall buldings, Soon you ll be spellbound by the tall casions and all the worlds best architecture buildings depicted here. Las vegas is a place to suspend your beliefs
and let this place show you it wonders. Apart from its huge casinos, You ll get to see the best nightclubs here and hobnobbing with the celebrities. But most importantly you need to be in formal shoes, Jeans or shirt, In this sense no casual wear is allowed in any of the top notch clubs.
The best nightclubs here are TAO in Venetian with its entry cover of 20 $ is one of the best in town which is always bustling with crowd, Here is the place I got to meet Paris Hilton who was apparently celebrating her birthday probably she has 12 birthdays in a year just like any other normal celebrity.
Party goes on till 4 AM and there are many after parties as well, So you ll have a good time here.
Apart from Tao, You have The Bank in the Bellagio which is for more older mature crowd and its entry is 30 $, It was pretty good but nothing to write home about.
Also the nightclubs at Wynn are awesome.
The other upscale one was Pure in Caesars Palace, This one of the best casions i liked with its palatial looking art deco and its many statutue, Pure is pricey at 50 $. But the best thing about all these clubs is you can go early and collect reduced admission flyers and tickets for the evening parties. Now the most annoying thing about Vegas is being overrated, that is it is the best place to be for partying or gambling, Of course if you are a hardcore gambler this is the place for you. If you are looking to party there are other places as well, Las Vegas is not the last place on earth. If you are in Las vegas then you can go to Hoover Dam which is hardly 15 miles from the strip. Apart from this you can go to Grand Canyon at three different locations : South rim which is nearly 255 miles, North rim which is 75 miles and where is skywalk located, which i had the privilege to go is awesome.
At the end it was a good trip got to see a lot of places in 4 days.
Go to Vegas atleast once :).