Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Taj Mahal, Not there yet?

Its been more than 15 years since I last saw ,albeit from miles away, Taj Mahal, the imminent Modern Wonder of the world, from my droopy eyes as the car jet past by it before I could coax my parents for a trip inside. Parents were in rather hurry in Agra, and yes we were not on a field trip to Agra.

Fast forwad 15 years and to the present day infact 2 days ago I had to visit my cousin sister marriage in Agra, my mouth watered as Life indeed gave me a second
oppurtunity to see Taj Mahal, and absolve myself from this frustration that staying so close to the Wonder and yet so far. I have heard enough *taunts*, people telling me Oh you havent seen Taj? It is so near, No? Oh you been there and you didnt see it dumbo and to top it all a Foreigner on the phone describes his visit to India fulfilling after seeing Taj Mahal and enquires it is just 4 hours or 175 KM approx from delhi, I felt like banging my head......These thoughts kept running in my head and made my travel to Agra kinda pleasant cause Its time to put these remarks to an absolute halt and inflict the same to other poor brethren of mine, who were Not there yet!

I had two days in my kitty to visit Taj and from the Hotel where I was staying it was just 30 minutes journey, Hmmm pretty easy I thought to myself.

Day 1 went past in travelling to Marriage Location and arranging (Did I help, I meant at hogging ;)) and welcoming guests and definately shaking a leg or two. At the end of the Day I was dog tired and only sleep was on my mind. Day 2 got up late as usual, though I am a early riser but you see I was tired and was feeling feverish last night so a sound sleep will help me look fresh...Now then Marriange is done, guests have left and Time is on our side, So what shall we do before anyone could wag their tongue, I shot up Lets go to Taj! , but to my utter dismay noone was interested... All were saying someother Time and lets get back home or we ll get stuck in the traffic..SO had to give in to the flow and board the car with a deep sigh Not again...

Well I am back at Gurgaon and still without seeing Taj, and taunts continue when I say this weekend I was in Agra and people open their mouth, woow you also Saw Taj...

To which I say Yes,obviously!Why Not are you crazy?