Sunday, May 28, 2006

Book Or Movie

On Friday evening I got off from work at 1800 hours, didnt have anything in particular to relax or to unwind after the choc a bloc training, so a close friend suggested lets go for a Movie - Note:If the Movie would have been good then I suggested for it - We concurred on "Da Vinci Code" like the Priory of the Scion in the book!

The movie was scheduled to be screened at 2200 hours considering that we arrive late
the Theatre couldnt help but made sure that the movie starts and ends later than usual .We grabbed a bite, had a shake and saw TV for a while and then made a dash for the movie, as suspected we reached late even though we were staying a books throw from the theatre!

Many people had flocked ,more than in China according to a reliable report, for seeing the movie, No place to stand basically somehow we sailed through them and finally settled into our seats and then some rotund figure chap ask if we could swap his seats as he wanted to be seated with his friends, I dont why we ,especially me, have a look which makes other people come to us and ask for a Favor, which usually I dont approve..So still we thought we must help people in distress and sat in their seats, Alas we found that our view was obstructed so we came back and told that guy to piss off..I did try to help atleast..

We FIRMLY held on to our seats even that it meant skipping the Loo break, the movie began, it was great in Visuals but still it didnt have the rush of blood as the book offered, the pageturner book was looking like a dull as a Dodo...Probably reading a book and then seeing the movie wasnt such a good idea because you ll know whats going to happen next. Earlier I never understood why people prefer book to movie I was always at a loss to understand but now I know..

Tom Hanks looked as if he had been woken from his deep slumber to act in the movie..only guy worthy is Paul Bettany as Silas, he is chilling as a Albino killing machine, Audrey she is OK not her best as in Amelie..Movie is painstakingly Loooong..
My friend dozed in the middle I didnt feel like waking him up because he had suffered enough..

You can skip the movie....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What to write or what not to write........

Probably this is the longest time I have taken for posting a blog entry, You should be aware by now that good writing or a best Blog (aha there I go again lol) takes time and a lot of effort,sweat, good thoughts and it is not a Childs play ! Last 4 to 5 months have been real hectic for me somehow I couldnt find time for myself and definately for conversion of my ephemeral train of thoughts to journal...Its not that I couldnt find time to post anything but the real issue was had nothing to post really ..then I was wondering how the writers manage to write 500 to 1000 pages on same thing !! No wonder they take 2 to 3 years for their effort and in some cases even longer ...What a man can do if his creative juices just ceases to flow..I am reminded about the same situation in a movie called "Shakespeare in Love" where Shakespeare has run out of ideas and he resorts to Voodoo etc to get his juices flowing....

Well I didnt resort to anything drastic like that...Still thinking on new topics to write about ..Well you bloggers can help me !