Thursday, November 03, 2005

Here I am

Finally I get to upload my picture, Yes I know I am mirror shattering material aint I ? Sorry I couldnt get a other closeups as they are doing the rounds of Ad agencies in Paris and Milan.

Thanks for your patience and you all are duly rewarded. ;)

The reason I didnt post my picture earlier is to let people run their imagination wild and use their geometry to construct my face -- as if there are trying to (high hopes I tell ya)--or add a body to a voice which is not there i.e the suspense is over and all now know who is this freak! Anyways I am beilever in anonymity but cyberspace allows us to be nameless and apolitical without getting into fist fight.

I fervently hope bloggers will not stop coming to this post after seeing my pic.

P.S 789,634,363 People think "Sidcruise" is a star in making and are enviable of his manliness, left in disgust.