Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Job : New Beginning

Finally it is happenin I called it quits from my first Job, though the last job was good and I gathered a lot, I picked up How to play Ping Pong, Swimming apart from Java, oracle among others....though I feel a bit sad and also hopeful as what the new job has in store for me But as my friends speaks through their experience that "There is no such thing as DREAM JOB"....

The way I look at it one should find a job he loves, then he wont be working for the rest of his life ....Work is worship they say....

Monday, May 30, 2005

Time 100 Movies !

Time magazine has painstakingly compiled all time 100 movies Movies List that too unranked, makes sense, though it was culled after much brainstorming and constructive discussion but i still find some movies missing which should have definately made the grade ....albeit Time reporters have done a commendable job ...the movies which were ignored are

LA Confidential
Forrest Gump
Silence of the Lambs
Matrix 1

and many more ...........

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lovelife DOA

Lovelife the very name these days stifles me and sends chills to my bone, i try to duck these queries every time....

Each time I hook up with buddies they ask me "Are you seeing someone or hows Lovelife" , to which my neverending muteness says it all.... i scurry for cover to avoid further embarassment jusk like Bill clinton must have faced when he was asked about Monica !

i did try to change my status to from single and ready to mingle to committed but alas no success at all...I looked for love everywhere but hell no luck yet ...This doesnt mean I am not romantic

Virtual gurlfriends are good but what the heck she turns to be from another continent and of male gender(well it happens all the time) or an alien(Plausible!!).....

I think this is probably my job has done this to me, I am so engrossed in my work I hardly look for girls nowdays .......workplace are never known to provide LOVE or that matter girls :)..

Well the quest is on.....

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Gaming Consoles !!!

Xbox 360 and PSP will battle it out this year for toplslot, initial market reactions have been favorable for both the companies ...these new consoles have taken gaming zone to next level and are powered by Cell developed by IBM...these are comparable to Supercomputers!!

PSP graphics are truly cinematic and its a good product.

Well the deciding factor in winning this cat and mouse race will be the Pricing...
the more reasonable the better and these are the gifts look forward in bequeathing to their closed ones !!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Oh Life can be so confusing at times what to do and what not to do !! Are we taking the right decision or is it another misstep.....

All say everything happening is preordained, if so then without we doing anything ie just plain inaction, nature will still hurtel down its course?!!

well if this implies that everthing will happen accordingly then lets wait and practice indolence !!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Indian spirituality

Beatles have come and seeked Nirvana here, George Harrison asked specifically his ashes to be immersed in Ganges, Ford junior is a believer in Krishna......

These are the few snippets of the who's who turning east no disrespect for others :)

Every year millions of place escape this worldy or materialistic world (Maya) to connect to the higher self.....the people feels so ahead in life that they realise they need to slow down and hence the quest for tranquility and meaningful existence takes the centrestage ....

One of the prime and pristine place these truth seekers end up on the most journey of life is India....they are totally fascinated about Indian gods and their reincarnation ....

Life becomes divine and fulfilling after this experience by observing and practising some of the teachings in ones life ....

Mahavira propagator of jainsim said "we must have RIGHT FAITH , we must believe in truth.
we must have the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, we must study to understand what life is all about.
we must follow RIGHT CONDUCT, the conduct which our faith and knowledge show us to be correct. "
and above all greed of anything is destroyer of ones peace of mind....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Calvin and Hobbes : A sensation

Bill Waterson legendary character a tiny kid with a big head and even bigger appetite for getting into trouble entertained milions of its readers and is worshipped as a deity!! This character was able to ring a bell with many a readers who when growing up found taking old beaten road as boring as watching golf on a sunday morning, Calvin is a rebel with a cause he is able to bring out the situations which truly reflects the world today

Bill waterson made Calvin die a natural death to the shocks of his ardent followers, he did not allow the character to grow up in age !! Though mind you this kid had more more acumen than any other adult....

Calvin s accomplice in crime bring a much needed restraint to Calvins overbearing character, he is a perfect foil for Calvins yammering and does his cynical job rather wonderfully....

I still read these strips and wonder on the creative juice which must have flowed in Waterson to create a true icon, Not sure whether such a genunine character will be ever be attempted, if attempted whether it will reach such a dizzying heights remains to be seen.