Thursday, December 30, 2004

Da vinci code apocryphal??

Well I read the book in flat 4 days time oh ok I ll be truthful I took 9 days and was left amazed as the author honourable Dan brown debunks so many myths surrounding Christianity and also others about (listing prominent ones ) opus Dei, museum lourve , Da vinci , Holy grail, Mary Magadalene and many others. The book is like a fast paced hollywood thriller no wonder Ron howard has already grabbed the book and right to direct the movie version of it with Tom hanks starring in it ......But what is most astonishing is authenticity is being attached to the each story the author describes..The historians have already cried foul after reading book and declared the book a pure piece of fiction .....but I dare to disagree as what we know about history is through written manuscripts which could have so easily altered by the kings when they commissioned writers to write about their kingdom and in that scenario the writers must have made friends with fiction to extol the particular King and disregard or belittle another one is definately possible so as to speak there are many facts which might be hidden from us ,,,,or which are known might not be true at all.....

so we never each archaelogy or manuscript discovery leads us to better understand or is swaying us from the actual facts about our past ....

time will tell or maybe not !

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Why did name my blog as ALPHA ROMEO??

I am a ardent fan of Fiat subsidiary of the same name which makes stylish cars remaining true to to its parent and others offshoots as Maserati and Ferrari ...this is a french in grown company .....France Car companies these days are coming out with great cars inorder to compete with the ever evolutionary tech giants Germans , Cheap invasion of Asian car makers and last but not the least irresisitible American Makers so far one must say France has done well and not allowed such relentless competition to make a dent it their pie.

One more reason that as to why I stuck with this name as this is kinda romantic isnt it !!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Next tech gadget

I kept on wondering after mobile, i pod then whats next ..what next electronic gadget will drive ones imagination in new year !!!

from my side I would like to see a gadget which combines mobile home services with i pod also included should be facility which allows one to automatically chec out plane timings , movie timing, pay his bills (esp ones phone bill) and def shud have a chat and mail enabled ,,,,,by the way i know these privileges are already available in todays gadgets but not all togather in one piece if the big telecom makers are able to do this then one can imagine then the revolution .......

At the same time the mobile should be tiny:)